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Kapan ya gw bisa nikah

Posted on 2011.11.02 at 13:08

Di umur gw yg segini gw gak tau mesti ngapain lagi cowok gak punya kerjaan gak nanjak2 dari dulu, selalu aja ada aral melintang..
Ya Alloh kapan engkau memberi aqu jodoh, yg bisa mengisi kekosonganku, yg bisa menjadi tempat curhatanku, semoga tahun 2012 depan. Amiiinnn

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Posted on 2011.03.12 at 06:44
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OH ... NO ... Japan yesterday hit by the tsunami ...  that very big disaster...You can imagine the strength to reach 8.9 SL

I am very worried by the situation of my beloved there. hopefully they do not hurt one bit....

Shou, Tora, Saga, Hiroto, Nao.. I hope you all fine....><

OMG why is this so ... This incident shocked me ...and make me worried....

Japanese city devastated so one .. cars scattered everywhere ...

fortunately they are have very sophisticated technology .. so as not to cause more casualties .. as experienced my country ..

when in Indonesia is Sumatra earthquake and tsunami-affected ... It is very powerful and very ... many lives were falling ... imagine up to 100 thousand people died ..

Ya Alloh ... I hope this incident does not happen again .. especially with this beloved country .. hopefully no major disasters struck this country again and japan. amen ....


# PRAYFORJAPAN ..........

AMEN ...

Nico Nico Alice Nine Channel February 8th 2011 Picture

Posted on 2011.02.08 at 22:22
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Hi It's me again I just want to sharing about Nico Screen Scaps  the show last night.. so enjoy it

I don't know why,......  why always Nao's faceprinted by me, while the shou's face is not  ... T___T, but tora looks cool here, even if without the glasses he looks tired ... and shou look fat .. hahahahaha but I'm still love it .. XDDD

Alice nine TOKYO GALAXY Pamphlets

Posted on 2011.01.23 at 14:30
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Hello everyone ...
I have several pictures alice nine TOKYO GALAXY pamphlet, that I'm and my friend, the name is Lala Amano Higaki shooting from the pamphlet the other my friend
ayleen_gazenine who at the time had come to the concert in Budoukan alice nine.  but not complete because I dont' have Hiroto picture there ...  and the image is still not good.

whether there is someone willing to scanning with a good picture?




Posted on 2011.01.16 at 16:48
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Yampooonnnnn... baru kali ini gw liat naoooooooonya ganteeeennnkkk bangeeeeeeetttttttzzzzzzzzz... kek gambar game... bisa juga dibuilang cantik..kyaaaaahhh gw suka bangeeetttzzz sama penampilan nao yang sekarang awet muda bangetttttzzz....XDDDD

ya pan ganteeeeennnkkkkk buangeeeeeeeeetttt..kyaaaahhh gak sabar nunggu gambar gedennyaaaaa...